• Labyrinth of Adventures
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    Monday 19 August 2019 - Sunday 25 August 2019

    Labyrinth of Adventures

    • Tournament table of 2019-08-20
    • Previous tournament scoreboard.
    1 XAXATYH*** € 2118.8
    2 LISTOPA*** € 911.4
    3 LIKALIK*** € 528.3
    4 SAMURAJ*** € 476
    5 BERKOVI*** € 437.4
    6 BLAST29*** € 373.9
    7 ROGUM*** € 181
    8 AKHMA*** € 146.9
    9 GORDEY8*** € 145.6
    10 ARTD*** € 132.3
    11 NSIMA19*** € 126.1
    12 LEMUR*** € 120.4
    13 ANTON17*** € 106.8
    14 SERGEYS*** € 100.9
    15 KOSTER1*** € 97.4
    16 TAYZERO*** € 92.6
    17 POYASOV*** € 83.4
    18 DED2*** € 83.3
    19 TOLIKK*** € 68.4
    20 ALLALAR*** € 59.3
    1 LIKALIK*** L.P. 2000
    2 GABA6*** L.P. 900
    3 ANTOHIN*** L.P. 550
    4 LINNY*** L.P. 450
    5 XAXATYH*** L.P. 350
    6 ZHUK70*** L.P. 250
    7 FKMNT*** L.P. 200
    8 BENMGRE*** L.P. 150
    9 ARKAN22*** L.P. 100
    10 JUSTGER*** L.P. 50


    1. The tournament is eligible only for players registered at ArgoCasino.com.

    2. The minimum amount of bets should be 15 EUR.

    3. The minimum amount for tournament participation is 10 EUR.

    4. The tournament shall be considered valid whether minimum 20 players played it.

    5. The tournament starts on Monday ends on Sunday.

    6. The Winner of the Labyrinth of Adventures Tournament is determined by the number of bets made in the specified slot games.

    7. The Prize fund of the Labyrinth of Adventures Tournament is 1500 EUR.

    8. Depending on the total amount of bets, the player will be awarded the corresponding Bonus x30 :

    Place % from the prize fund
    1 350EUR 11 20EUR
    2 250EUR 12 20EUR
    3 200EUR 13 20EUR
    4 150EUR 14 20EUR
    5 100EUR 15 20EUR
    6 90EUR 16 10EUR
    7 80EUR 17 10EUR
    8 70EUR 18 10EUR
    9 60EUR 19 10EUR
    10 50EUR 20 10EUR

    9. The Prize is credited in 24 hours after the tournament has ended.

    9.1. When the winner is determined the counting of bets is made and this procedure takes place during GMT+3 which is the time of the Server.

    10. The Prize of the Tournament cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion available of ArgoCasino.com.

    11. Only one Prize in the Tournament can be claimed per account. All bonus offers are limited to one per person, household address, email address, telephone number, same shared computer and payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, Qiwi Visa, etc).

    12. ArgoCasino.com bonuses are offered for entertainment purposes only. In case bonus or deposit funds are not used for the sole purpose of gaming, ArgoСasino.com reserves the right to blacklist the players, void all winnings and refund the original deposit to the player.

    13. Any winning obtained in an unfair manner will be considered as fraudulent activity and the winnings will immediately become void.

    14. Bonus can be removed per customer’s request. In order to cancel it, you may contact us via Live Chat. Any bonus credited by ArgoСasino.com may not be used along with other active promotions.

    15. Any winnings received while the Bonus is active may only be withdrawn once the Wagering Requirements have been met. In case the customer tries to withdraw the funds before he has met the Wagering Requirements, bonus, and all winnings will be void.

    16. The Bonus has a requirement of 30 wagers of the initial bonus value unless stated otherwise. Please note that only bets on slots are counting in wagering.

    17. If a player tries to withdraw funds from his Cash Balance before he has met the Wagering Requirements he will forfeit all Bonuses and all winnings. All cash-ins and cash-outs are subject to audit before being processed. In case of suspicious or fraudulent activity, the Company reserves the right to cancel any winnings and bonuses.

    18. Bonus promotions have no cut-off date, however, ArgoСasino.com reserves the right to modify the rules or cancel this promotion at its sole discretion. This is in the interest of fair play considering that any wager in our games can return a sizable winning.

    19. The wagering requirements need to be completed within 14 days, otherwise, the bonus and winnings will be removed.

    20. If a player wins a big amount in ArgoCasino.com, he should allow Casino Management to make it public in comments on our site, forums for promotional purposes.

    21. The player’s personal information will not be provided to any third party however, ArgoСasino.com reserves the right to disclose the player's Casino Username in Casino press for publicizing the Promotion or contest results only.

    22. In the event of any dispute, you agree that the decision of ArgoСasino.com is final and unconditional.

    23. Argo Casino reserves the right to void the bonus in case the player fails to comply with any of the provided Terms and Conditions.

    24. We reserve the right to close the customer’s account and void the bonus and/or winnings obtained by fraudulent behavior or abuse of the bonus offer.

    25. General Terms and Conditions for ArgoCasino.com apply for this bonus.

    26. Customers located in or citizens of the United States of America are not permitted to open accounts or make any deposits. The Company reserves the right to change the list of jurisdictions, from time to time, with or without prior notice. You agree that you are not allowed to open an account, nor attempt to use Your Account if you are based in any of the specified jurisdiction.